Sunday, 30 December 2007

Teardrop plans for my trailer

I love teardrop trailers and would eventually like to build something similar to this one on the chassis that I was given by Dad's girlfriend. John and I have studied its suspension and we feel that it must have been modified from something fairly substantial like a caravan. A teardrop is lower than a caravan...and can be seen over when looking behind, making it easier to use; it is more aerodynamic and compact; it has a classic aesthetic; and best of all, it can be easily built by a keen amateur, at little expense.
Basically, it is a double bed on wheels with cooking facilities in a compartment which goes above where your legs would be in bed. They can be pretty elaborate but I'd like mine to be simple but well finished.
I will post some of the many excellent sites, but for now, here is a commercial example. Typical of the age, there are many outfits over-designing these things for customers, which I think misses the point. They ought to be amateur affairs, but people seem to have lost or forgotten how to make things, or maybe they can't be bothered to do even the simplest DIY project themselves any more?

Security Hitching Post

Friday, 16 March 2007

make a trailer-tent, bike transporter or trailer from a 100E

Here you see my first sketch of the idea. There are lots of 100Es on ebay in close to scrap condition, selling for around £200. I got my BBQ one for free and the one I now drive, originally cost only £461 (though it is worth a lot more now that I have replaced lots of parts etc, in case my insurer is reading!)

So, cutting up a 100E body can easily be justified.

Remove everything hatched in red, keeping the roof for panels. Gaiter the wheel arch, as the rear wheel will do the work.

I showed the idea to my metal guru, Iain MacKenzie at Fairmile Restorations and he said, "It has got to be done", so I reckon this has to be the project to succeed the 101.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Today I found the sketchbook with the original ideas for the Ford Prefect. Here ya go.........

Saturday, 10 March 2007